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History of company
The Agricultural company Valle Marina is born following ancient tradition of the vinification and the passion for the wine dedicating itself to the wine production D.O.C. and I.G.T.. The passion for the typical products and the great tie with the territori they make to realize wines of great quality with extreme cure in the vinification of valuable grapes and with vitigni "ecotype". that it promotes and it commercializes, in national and international territory. The passion for ancient art of winemaker is involved all the family, selection and qualities are fundamental requirement for the products to introduce on the market, the company is found to Vallemarina, for having the direct contact and always following they close give the development of the cultivations
History of moscato grapes
Moscato grapes produced in the zone of Vallemarina in Monte san Biagio, municipality it is catalogued in national the wine calastre with the varietal name : "Moscato di Terracina" more valuable varieties of the national territory. In the zone of Vallemarina, they are cultivated to moscato, approximately 500-600 hectares of land, and it comes classified grape to twofold attitude, particularly it adapts for the consumption from table the wine production and sparkling wine. The moscato grape introduces a cluster of medium largeness, the peel of the acini, in perfect maturation, it assumes a bronzato color and mainly gilded, the form of acino he is roundish, it can introduce various consistency, with a rendition of juice to 75- 80% approximately. Its tenor sweetens, optimally is represented and is such to produce wine, that he oscillates from the 10 to the 13 alcoholic degrees. The particular climate makes this various earth from the others; from the Argentine tenuous light, that it seems changes to every moment the colors of the things, extending itself on clod like a impalpabile silk mantle, ready to deposit in its bowels unestimable treasures, to the heat of the sea, very important because ago to breathe restaurants zephyrs on vine leaves, by now burned from the great summery heat. The rain is concentrated in the throat of Vallemarina, where they arrive from the appennino, currents of the tirrenico anticyclone; for which the grapes they are best nourished of glucose of peripheral ones.